Add the Printer Directions

  To Add The Printer in Room 26

Click on Windows Button

type: run

then type: \\serv-print\hms-rm26-c4100

click Enter

Let the computer connect to software

After a few moments it will connect.  

When the window pops up, click on the word "Printer" and select Set as "default"

When you go to print your document, make sure HMS Lab is the chosen printer.  

Or you can do it the old fashion way:

Click on Start/Windows

Click on Printers and Faxes

Click Add Printer

Click on Next

Choose A network Printer, or a printer attached to another computer, click on Next

Click on second option “Connect to this printer …

In the box below type in \\serv-hms\hmslab, click Next

Set as Default when asked

Click Finish